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Charity Accountants Cardiff: Your Guide to our Specialist Charity Advice

If you’re run a Charity or not for profit organisation in Cardiff or Bridgend, you may be looking for an accountant with specialist knowledge of the sector. This can be very important as Charities have reporting requirements that differ from most other sectors.  Our experts at Harries Watkins Jones have the skills and experience to help.

With our directors having varied extensive experience in the sector, including Charity Audits, Independent Examinations, Accounting standards, Board membership of not for profits and acting as a trustee for a charity.

Accountancy Services for Charities

We have a number of accounting services that can be tailored to your Charity’s exact needs, including:

  • Accounts Preparation: We can guide you in the process, or produce the accounts from you records to comply with the applicable legislation relevant to your charity.
  • Guidance to requirement for Charity Audit or Independent Examination: Unsure of the legal requirements for external scrutiny of your accounts.  We can advise of the requirements applicable to your Charity.
  • Independent Examination of Charity Accounts: We have the expertise and experience to undertake Independent Examinations.
  • Charity Audits: We are registered auditors and are able to provide statutory Charity audits.
  • Outsourced Payroll Management: We provide efficient salary processing.
  • Tax Consultation: In-depth tax guidance, around Charitable activities.
  • Gift Aid Advice and compliance: We can help you maximise your donations received by assisting with Gift Aid.
  • Business plans and Grant Applications: We can guide you through the process.
  • Bookkeeping Solutions: We provide bookkeeping training, advice and outsourcing.
  • Internal Control Implementation and Review: Comprehensive services from design, review and testing of your Charity’s financial controls.

Specialist Support for Charitable Bequests and Legacies

A key part of most Charities funding is by gifts left in peoples wills.  Our specialist sister firm Harries Watkins Jones Wills & Probate can assist in the following ways:

We relish the opportunity to support good causes. We can partner with charitable organisations in the following ways:

  • Information for your potential donors: The tax benefits of Aid and/pr the potential IHT saving of making charitable legacies in a will.  We can help through articles, blogs, presentations, and newsletters.
  • Website promotion: We can help publicise the activities of your charitable organisation on our websites.
  • Will writing and LPAs: We would be pleased either to make a gift to your charity for clients you refer to us and/or we could provide discounted fees provided the client considers including a legacy in their Will to your charity.
  • Charity Legacies advice: as probate practitioners we can advise on administration and dealing with probate solicitors and other professionals.

Charity accountants Cardiff and BridgendChoosing Harries Watkins Jones as your Charity Accountants

When looking for an accountant for your charitable organisation, Harries Watkins Jones offers a blend of expertise and dedication that stands out in the sector. We understand the unique financial challenges faced by charities in Cardiff and are well-positioned to offer tailored advice and services.

Key Advantages of Partnering with Harries Watkins Jones Charity Accountants:

  • Specialised Knowledge: We possess a nuanced understanding of charity finance management, including governance, funding, and taxation issues specific to the not-for-profit sector.
  • Personalised Services: We offer bespoke accounting solutions that consider the size, scope, and individual needs of your charity, ensuring that their support is as effective as possible.
  • Transparency and Trust: With a clear approach to financial matters, we foster an environment of trust, ensuring that stakeholders have confidence in the charity’s financial integrity.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We keep abreast of the latest regulatory changes to ensure your charity remains compliant with HM Revenue & Customs and Charity Commission requirements.
  • Full Range of Services: From bookkeeping and annual accounts to strategic planning and financial health checks, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to keep your charity’s finances in top shape.

Harries Watkins Jones has a proven track record of helping charities navigate the complex landscape of non-profit finances, making us a reliable choice for any charitable entity seeking robust financial management. We are committed to delivering client-centred support making us strong ally for charities in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

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