Accounts Preparation

Far more than just compliance

Many businesses view completing their accounts as nothing more than a necessary evil to remain compliant.  We take a different approach to accounts preparation and see it as an opportunity to add value through providing you with the critical information to manage and grow your business.

Firstly, we understand that getting your accounts done on time can be a real source of stress and frustration. If you miss something, the ramifications can be very costly to you and your business, both in the long and short term. Managing all this can be a real burden.

That’s where we come in. Our tried and tested approach is methodical and effective, giving you peace of mind ahead of any statutory deadline. Our service will leave you feeling content that your accounts and any associated tax returns are fully compliant and filed on time, giving you back time to run your business.


Accounts preparation services for Sole-traders and Partnerships

    • Accounts preparation from your records
    • Discussions and review of tax reliefs and allowable expenses
    • Tax adjustments to accounts to prepare the associated self-assessment tax returns.


Accounts preparation services for Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships

    • Statutory accounts preparation from you records to comply with company law and accounting standards
    • Preparation of filleted accounts for filing at Companies House
    • Discussions and review of tax reliefs and allowable expenses
    • Tax adjustments to accounts to prepare the associated tax returns
    • For limited companies, completion and filing of the accounts and corporation tax return with HMRC

You’ll find that having your accounts done on time is important for any loan applications, tax credit claims or grant applications that you may be undertaking.


Secondly, we see it as an opportunity as once the accounts are completed, it will give you a clear guide to how the business is performing. Along the way of course, we will pick up detailed knowledge of your business which can be a valuable asset in your hands.  Examples of what you will know:

    • If the business is making a profit
    • Sales comparison year on year
    • Any increase in costs and expenses
    • The amount of money owed to the business at the year end
    • The loans and other debts owed by the business
    • For limited companies if there is sufficient profits to pay dividends

But of course, there is far more that can be done with this information to improve your business which can feed into our other services such as:

We can help you to take the opportunity to get ahead by utilising the full value of the information in a set of accounts.  In fact, many of clients take advantage of this more than once during the year, by instructing us to prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts. Get in touch with our accounts preparation specialists today.

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