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Adhering to the world of tax accounting is something that even the most seasoned professionals can struggle with. So it is not surprising that it can become an overwhelming burden for many non tax professionals.  We have a tax services team that can guide you through the maze. Ensuring compliance year after year is a critical aspect of this pTax services and tax advice Cardiffrocess.

Many people are confused, not knowing where to start and worrying if they are overpaying tax.  Whether it be Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax, Value Added Tax or even Pay-As-You-Earn we can help!!


Tax advice Cardiff

If you’re a business owner or an individual residing in Cardiff, seeking professional tax advice can be beneficial for your financial well being. Taxation can be a complex and time-consuming process. We specialise in all kinds of taxation and with our expert help you can be assured your taxes are handled efficiently and accurately.

At our Cardiff based chartered accountants firm  South of Wales, we offer a comprehensive range of taxation services to our clients. Our team of experts has years of experience in dealing with different types of taxes, including income tax, corporation tax, VAT, PAYE and more. We understand that every individual or business has unique tax requirements, and that’s why we provide personalised solutions to cater to your specific needs. From tax planning and preparation to compliance and audit support, we are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals while minimising your tax liabilities.


Compliance services

Filing the forms and paying the right amount of tax at the right time! We’ll explain matters in a jargon free manner.  And, ensure that the appropriate tax reliefs and allowances have been claimed, calculate the correct amount of tax due and make sure that you submit your tax return on time, and properly, with every area covered.


Tax planning and reviews

We’ll guide you through the processes quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a know-how that you simply struggle to get elsewhere. Once we’ve finished helping, you should have a better grasp of all things tax related, and be completely ready to make informed decisions.

We can review your current situation and advise on any changes that you can make that may reduce your future tax liability.  To give a few examples, it could be tax advice on planning the sale of your business, disposing of assets, passing wealth to descendants or are you trading in the most tax efficient manner. Advice that will leave you feeling confident and in control.


Probate, wills, and Inheritance tax services

We also provide additional support beyond normal tax services such as Inheritance tax advice and planning.  This often would be useful when writing or updating a Will.  Through our sister firm Harries Watkins Jones Wills & Probate we provide a range of will writing and probate services.  This means that clients can benefit from a seamless combined service of Inheritance tax planning and will writing.

Harries Watkins Jones Wills & Probate can assist when a loved one dies with the calculation of Inheritance tax, applying for probate and the administration of the estate.  Our clients can find it reassuring dealing with people that have handled their tax affairs over many years.  There are many benefits of using an accountant to deal with probate our professional body the ICAEW explains some here.


HMRC Tax investigations

Even with nothing to hide a HMRC tax investigation can be stressful, expensive and time consuming! Let us take the strain and guide you through every step of the process. See our Tax investigations page for more information.  We represent existing clients and those we have not prepared the tax returns for.

In addition, we offer a tax investigation fee protection service to clients that can help with the professional fees in a tax investigation. Read about it here. Get in touch with our tax services team in Cardiff today.

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