Fee Protection Service

Tax enquiries can be costly!

No one wants to face a tax investigation, but it can happen to anyone. That’s why it’s important to have a fee protection service in place to provide you with the support and advice you need if you’re ever faced with an investigation. Learn more about our fee protection service and how it can help protect you and your business.

Fee Protection Service

HMRC can make enquiries into many taxation areas including:

    • Self Assessment tax returns
    • Corporation tax returns
    • Payroll compliance
    • VAT compliance
    • National insurance payments
    • IR35 status

These can be random or selected for various reasons by HMRC.  Often, even if HMRC do not find any errors amongst your records you may find yourself paying high professional costs to defend your position.  As such to offer peace of mind to our clients we can provide a fee protection service.

The service works on the basis that you pay a modest annual subscription, in the event of a HMRC  enquiry we then may make a claim on our firms fee protection insurance policy, which is underwritten by an insurance company.  As such all our fees may be met by the insurance company.

Please click on the image below to download more information about our fee protection service.

Fee protection service PDF

We cannot prevent you from being investigated by the Taxman, but we can help to ensure that you get the best possible support and advice without having to worry about the cost by subscribing to our fee protection service.

We are pleased to provide full written details on request as terms and conditions apply.

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